Description: oji content!
Age: 22
Location: USA
Keywords: nanu, acerola, fanart, pokemon
About: I draw Nanu, Acerola, and Nanu/Acerola fanart! Sometimes I draw other Pokemon characters too. I was voted most likely to go to hell in my senior yearbook.
Description: Post to this forum by typing !StuckyFanworks. A community for Stucky fics, art, vids, meta, and events! Icon by Frostbitebakery and cover by albymangroves (scroll up to see!)
Age: 101
Description: Both is Good
About: Hello, hello! I'm antioksidant. Pleased to meet you. How do you do? The rest, I guess we'll see. <3
Description: podfic and invective
Location: Southeast, USA
Hometown: New Orleans
Keywords: mcu, stucky, podfic, fanart
Description: Artist, writer, bourbon fiend and cantankerous civilian
Location: The Midwest
Description: Caterina | ladivvina (she/her) | Gen X | Slytherin | Canadian
Description: I try to make art sometimes.
Location: Finland
Keywords: stucky, marvel, fanart
About: Heidi. 24.
Description: Fandom Fossil-Too Old For This Shit
Location: West Texas, USA
Keywords: fandom, fanart
About: I'm an old school fangirl, emphasis on the 'old'.

In the '80s and '90s I wrote poetry and a few stories for fanzines, made VCR to VCR vids, and attended numerous cons. I went dark from 1998-2007, when I got intensively involved in the then fairly new podficcing community. Between 2007-2013, though I only recorded two short podfics myself, I made audiobooks from mp3s for numerous readers (over 1,800 over the years) and created cover art for many of them. I was also the tagging mod for the amplificathon podficcing comms on both LJ and DW until 2013 and, as an Audiofic Archive volunteer, was responsible for archiving SPN and SPN RPF podfics during those fandoms’ peak years. I also helped archive many hundreds of podfics in other fandoms as well.

My first fandoms were Star Trek:TOS and M.U.N.C.L.E, then Blake’s 7, The Professionals, due South, The Sentinel, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Leverage, Sherlock (BBC), MCU, Teen Wolf, and on and on. Definitely a fannish butterfly!

My fannish activities have dropped off drastically in recent years, but I continue to dip my toes back in occasionally with the occasional Photoshop fanart for audiobook covers, fic banners, BigBangs, Reversebangs, etc.
Location: US
About: Voracious consumer of fanworks and admirer of those who create them.  I am addicted to fanfic, but also adore fanvids, and fanart!
Location: SC, US
About: I'm a multifandom multi-shipper. I'm a big believer in the three rules of fandom: Don't Like; Don't Read // YKINMKATO // Ship and Let Ship. I'm a lurker in lots of places and horribly socially awkward.
Description: Sometimes an artist, most of the time a mumbler.
About: Topic of interests include manga, anime, and, most prominently nowadays, geriatric supersoldiers in love
Description: Confused but staggering on
Location: New Zealand, Auckland
Description: fanart creature
Location: gargantua-1, space
Keywords: fanart
About: idk idk
Description: the fan formerly known as flamewarrior
Location: Scotland
About: Fan. Mostly in MCU Captain America fandom rn, but also partial to reading (and sometimes writing (both fic and meta) and drawing) in Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek (all), Harry Potter, Teen Wolf (TV), Inception, et al. Witch. Spoonie. SJW. Queer af.