Description: Fandom
Keywords: Supernatural, marvel, mcu
About: Multifandom,Multishipper,no hate,ship all the ships....
Description: Craftstress of words. Likes angst. Bi as fuck.
Location: Mid-Atlantic, USA
About: I write a lot of steve/tony fic. You can find me on ao3 as Kiyaar. I like darkfic, angst, and the unhappier endings. I ship lots of things.
Location: Speculative, Fandom is My Fandom
About: I was at the Mailing Lists. A Letter of Comment reeled me back onto the Floating World. Fandom is my Fandom, and never again will I be tossed. I'm back to the Future after an OS update.
Description: I try to make art sometimes.
Location: Finland
Keywords: stucky, marvel, fanart
About: Heidi. 24.
About: a 27 year old Californian living in Ohio, writing things and trying to figure out how to use this dang site.
Description: I like Marvel and I don't know what I'm doing here
Keywords: writing, marvel, avengers