Location: USA
Homepage: jesse_the_k.dreamwidth.org
Location: Massachusetts
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Description: Terminally enabled
Location: Australia
About: I art. I art a lot.
Description: Just having fun
Location: Hong Kong, China
Hometown: Hong Kong
Description: fanfic writer and spn fangirl
Homepage: alyndra.dreamwidth.org
Location: Alaska, United States
About: I suspect I'll share recommendations for fan fiction, vids, and art on this site. I'm interested in multiple fandoms, recently it's Harry Potter and Star Wars.
Description: Mistress of Nothing
About: I do stuff, but only if it's art.
Description: Academic by day, fanfic writer by night.
Location: USA
Keywords: MCU, Stucky, science, fiction, fantasy
About: SF/F fan from way back, currently mostly reading in the MCU Captain America fandom
Description: Anne and the Apocalypse
Age: 34
Location: United Kingdom
Description: Both is Good
About: Hello, hello! I'm antioksidant. Pleased to meet you. How do you do? The rest, I guess we'll see. <3
Description: What.
Location: USA
Description: Migratory fandom is migratory
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Description: astolat
Keywords: fanfic, slash, fandom, AO3, otw, astolat
Description: Reader. Currently obsessing over Guardian. Merlin, XMFC, Various Nerdy TV Shows. Come say hi!
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Location: Japan
About: clinically depressed loner trying hard to fix the problem
Description: bastlynn


Location: Kent, UK
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About: I'm Benji the Shih Tzu, and I live in Kent with my owners!
Description: i burn things
Location: a bit north, UK
Homepage: brennuvargur.dreamwidth.org
Keywords: writing, podfics, hockey, starker
About: im late twenties european living in the uk
Description: Amateur Cultural Conversationalist
Location: Nevada, USA
Description: cân. gwyn, cymraeg, anabl, hoyw, diramantiol, rhan-wrol a thwt. yn hoffi madfallau'r gofod, gwenyn, bod yn boen yn y pen ôl a chathod. if you're lucky i'll blog in english.
Description: Oldschool fangirl/ Newfangled World
Description: chicklette writes and fandoms too
Location: Los Angeles area
Description: Everybody Loves A Misanthrope
Location: California, United States
About: queer nonbinary intersectional fannish nerd elder butch, light but not white. prone to nattering about silliness, politics, social justice, MCU, and fandom. The_Cimmerians on Ao3.
Description: This is a Captain America/Marvel Cinematic Universe forum dedicated to the proposition that the Serum could have left Steve Rogers smol but supercharged.
Description: I like Marvel and I don't know what I'm doing here
Keywords: writing, marvel, avengers
Description: Fandom Fossil-Too Old For This Shit
Location: West Texas, USA
Keywords: fandom, fanart
About: I'm an old school fangirl, emphasis on the 'old'.

In the '80s and '90s I wrote poetry and a few stories for fanzines, made VCR to VCR vids, and attended numerous cons. I went dark from 1998-2007, when I got intensively involved in the then fairly new podficcing community. Between 2007-2013, though I only recorded two short podfics myself, I made audiobooks from mp3s for numerous readers (over 1,800 over the years) and created cover art for many of them. I was also the tagging mod for the amplificathon podficcing comms on both LJ and DW until 2013 and, as an Audiofic Archive volunteer, was responsible for archiving SPN and SPN RPF podfics during those fandoms’ peak years. I also helped archive many hundreds of podfics in other fandoms as well.

My first fandoms were Star Trek:TOS and M.U.N.C.L.E, then Blake’s 7, The Professionals, due South, The Sentinel, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Leverage, Sherlock (BBC), MCU, Teen Wolf, and on and on. Definitely a fannish butterfly!

My fannish activities have dropped off drastically in recent years, but I continue to dip my toes back in occasionally with the occasional Photoshop fanart for audiobook covers, fic banners, BigBangs, Reversebangs, etc.
Age: 34
Location: Israel
Keywords: ao3, fanfiction, poi, slash
Description: Thinky Thoughts With Fucking Curse Words
Location: Is this a trap?, A slow boiling dystopia
About: I am a kinda genderfluid cisfem queer intersectional feminist Jew who has been active in fandom long enough to remember when reading and writing slash could ruin your life. I'm not quiet about any of those things anymore although only slash has reached the point where it wont ruin your life anymore if it's made public. Still wont shut up tho. Please dont fight me tho I'm very tired. I write when I have the energy. I read a lot. I listen to a lot of podfic. I'm currently in community mental health as a licensed clinician at an associate level and I love it lots.
Description: Still all about the heartbreaking poignancy of ex-Soviet assassins. She/her. I write, art, & admire.
About: Zero tech skill to speak of
Description: Fandom
Keywords: Supernatural, marvel, mcu
About: Multifandom,Multishipper,no hate,ship all the ships....
Description: Fandom Always, Dev Sometimes
Location: OR, USA
Keywords: fandom
About: I'm a programmer with fandom tendencies, currently into Guardian (CDrama)!
Description: Author, amateur artist
Description: the fan formerly known as flamewarrior
Location: Scotland
About: Fan. Mostly in MCU Captain America fandom rn, but also partial to reading (and sometimes writing (both fic and meta) and drawing) in Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek (all), Harry Potter, Teen Wolf (TV), Inception, et al. Witch. Spoonie. SJW. Queer af.
Location: US
About: Voracious consumer of fanworks and admirer of those who create them.  I am addicted to fanfic, but also adore fanvids, and fanart!
Location: SC, US
About: I'm a multifandom multi-shipper. I'm a big believer in the three rules of fandom: Don't Like; Don't Read // YKINMKATO // Ship and Let Ship. I'm a lurker in lots of places and horribly socially awkward.