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Description: You Are Here
Location: United States
About: What will you find here? Discussion about random shows or fandom topics. Mostly you'll find links to things in the news related to the media, politics, and technology as well as nature pictures and occasional travel photos. I've been a mod at buffyversetop5 and I urge you to check it out as much good stuff has been recced there which you can sift through through searches or tags. I do beta for people too, so if that's something you're looking for I'd be glad to chat with you about it.
Description: will my self-indulgence never end?
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About: never going to be a cool kid, but that's okay
Description: Fandom, hockey, books. A few of my favorite things.
Location: Canada
About: LIbrarian, fangirl. Hockey fan.
Description: For fans of Steve/Bucky/Peggy.
About: For fans of Steve/Bucky/Peggy. Profile image by Kevin Wada.

Feel free to share your WW3some fics, art, recs, and other fanworks here!
About: Just testing this place out :) New to federated anything, but what I've heard seems promising.
Description: I try to make art sometimes.
Location: Finland
Keywords: stucky, marvel, fanart
About: Heidi. 24.
Description: wings / spn fandom / queen's thief fandom / smash the patriarchy / fuck censorship
Age: 31
Description: ...these are not good decisions, is what I'm saying
Description: manic pixie nightmare user testing
Description: Sometimes an artist, most of the time a mumbler.
About: Topic of interests include manga, anime, and, most prominently nowadays, geriatric supersoldiers in love
Description: A community for Venom fanworks of any kind - fics, art, vids, meta, fandom events and anything else you want to share
Keywords: Venom, symbrock, Eddie, Brock
Location: Connecticut
Description: Tumblr Exodus 2018
Age: 49
Age: 39
Location: Kansas, USA
Description: wow, a beta instance!
About: I write in one fandom and read in another. *shrug emoji*
Description: Figuring out how to make themes and schemes, and changing the fanzilla layout using Webpages and the PDL Editor.
Keywords: style, css, layout, theme, scheme
Description: playin around with things and tech and such
Description: A Channel for Umbrella Academy content
Age: 30
Location: United States
Hometown: The City
About: Channel for the Umbrella Academy fan content
Age: 31
Location: Massachusetts, United States
Age: 33
Location: Germany
Description: More advanced tire kicking so we can see what different permissions look like
Location: in a mood
Hometown: Funky


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About: Fan. Have given up on being multifannish; the best I can do is about 70% BBC Sherlock, 30% other Holmeses. Adult gymnast, professional classical musician.
Description: For discussion of tech, federated fandom, p2p hosting, other techie stuff!
Keywords: tech, fandom
About: Testing this out by following names I recognize, somewhat randomly.
Description: Art Goblin
Age: 35
Location: Brazil
Description: Post to this forum by typing !StuckyFanworks. A community for Stucky fics, art, vids, meta, and events! Icon by Frostbitebakery and cover by albymangroves (scroll up to see!)
Age: 101
About: a 27 year old Californian living in Ohio, writing things and trying to figure out how to use this dang site.
Description: This is a forum for Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter. It's also for Bucky Barnes and Peggy Carter.
Description: For posting anything for Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, or Stargate Universe.
Location: Post to your channel and here by connecting, and adding !Stargate. Forum set up by @mific
About: Mostly for fanworks, but news, challenge notices and similar, are also fine. Post to your channel and here by connecting, and adding !Stargate Fanworks to any post. Forum made by @mific, so I guess I'm the mod.
Description: Things. Stuff.
Location: Desert, Oz
Description: Solo
Location: Scotland


About: Wow this is neat, let's kick the tires.
I like Dragon Age and D&D and stuff.
Description: space: no underwear
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