Description: made cunningly
About: <3 Mrs. Impertinence Ballsey-Bukeboom <3
Description: manic pixie nightmare user testing
Description: more drinking, less feeling.
Description: Oldschool fangirl/ Newfangled World
Description: Baseball, Shoes, & Photography
Location: USA


About: beautiful and powerful dipshit (also admin of this instance, message me with any issues!)
Location: USA
Description: Fandom Always, Dev Sometimes
Location: OR, USA
Keywords: fandom
About: I'm a programmer with fandom tendencies, currently into Guardian (CDrama)!
Description: Fandom Denizen
Age: 22
Location: USA
Keywords: Fandom, fanfiction, ao3, fanlore
Description: For discussion of tech, federated fandom, p2p hosting, other techie stuff!
Keywords: tech, fandom
Age: 33
Location: Germany
Description: playin around with things and tech and such
Description: fanfic writer and spn fangirl
Description: queen shithead
Location: Australia
Description: a fandom-focused community for swapping hubzilla tips & tricks, as well as reporting bugs
Keywords: hubzilla, help, tech
Hometown: Newyork


About: Wow this is neat, let's kick the tires.
I like Dragon Age and D&D and stuff.
Description: the fan formerly known as flamewarrior
Location: Scotland
About: Fan. Mostly in MCU Captain America fandom rn, but also partial to reading (and sometimes writing (both fic and meta) and drawing) in Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek (all), Harry Potter, Teen Wolf (TV), Inception, et al. Witch. Spoonie. SJW. Queer af.
Description: Still all about the heartbreaking poignancy of ex-Soviet assassins. She/her. I write, art, & admire.
About: Zero tech skill to speak of
Description: Aca-Fan
Location: Australia
Location: USA
Description: wow, a beta instance!
Description: Let's see what happens if I put something for Title/Description
Location: Aus


Keywords: fandom, sherlock, gymnastics
About: Fan. Have given up on being multifannish; the best I can do is about 70% BBC Sherlock, 30% other Holmeses. Adult gymnast, professional classical musician.


Location: Kent, UK
Keywords: shih, tzu, Benji, dog
About: I'm Benji the Shih Tzu, and I live in Kent with my owners!
About: Just testing this place out :) New to federated anything, but what I've heard seems promising.
Description: hi i'm Nonymos on AO3 and DW. and now i'm also?? here?? wherever that is??
Keywords: AO3, fandom, fanfiction, MCU, stucky
Description: I like Marvel and I don't know what I'm doing here
Keywords: writing, marvel, avengers
Description: fanart creature
Location: gargantua-1, space
Keywords: fanart
About: idk idk
Description: wings / spn fandom / queen's thief fandom / smash the patriarchy / fuck censorship
Age: 31
Description: i write, i sing, sometimes i soft-shoe
Location: United States
Keywords: fanfic, fanfiction, stucky
About: I am a master hunter - I cured my skin, so now nothing gets in.
Description: eternally confused
Location: australia
Description: Reader. Currently obsessing over Guardian. Merlin, XMFC, Various Nerdy TV Shows. Come say hi!
Keywords: fandom, guardian
Description: space: no underwear
Keywords: fandom


Location: Japan
About: clinically depressed loner trying hard to fix the problem
Age: 34
Location: United Kingdom
Description: multifandom fic writer; comic nerd
Age: 42
About: Multifandom fic writer, currently writing fics for Venom, MCU and occasionally Supernatural