Guardian: I.A. Episode 01

    This page contains spoilers through the end of the series

    Disclaimer: All the information here is based on the subtitles.

    Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong singing a song of good and evil against all odds together


    The Prologue

    "Haixing: An ancient planet. More than 10,000 years ago, an alien race came to this planet on a spaceship. Among them, some of the aliens' cells fused their genes with Haixing's plants and animals and were restructured, making them possess the same characteristics as the plants and animals. They even evolved such that they could shift forms at will. We call them the [Yashou Tribe].

    The other aliens chose to stay deep underground on the planet. Thus, they were called the Dixing people. The climate in that place caused a fascinating chemical reaction in them, and also triggered their genes to restructure and mutate. They looked similar to us, but the powers within their bodies started to awaken. They could control water, thunder, and lightning, decompose natural elements and even control human will. Or other various abilities.

    We were once afraid of this phenomenon but because their numbers are far less than ours, and they all lived separately, so there was peace. However, this all changed when a giant meteor crashed. The meteor destroyed the ecological system of Haixing, and the underground resources of Haixing started to deplete and the [Dixing people] escaped to the surface. Some ambitious Dixing people started to invade the Haixing and Yashou Tribe's lands for resources. A war finally broke out. By absorbing the powers from the meteorite and creating four Holy Tools, the Haixing people, Yashou Tribe, and the Dixing people established a peace agreement. From then till today, there was peace."

    Weilan moments

    • First meeting in the modern day! Zhao Yunlan goes to the University of Dragon City's campus to investigate the death of a student. In the process of this investigation, Guo Changcheng is dangling from a window and Shen Wei sees him. Then he catches sight of Zhao Yunlan leaning out of the window and visibly recognizes him. They formally introduce themselves to each other when Zhao Yunlan gets downstairs and Zhao Yunlan gives him a business card, telling him to call him if he thinks of anything that can be helpful to the investigation.

    Villain of the week

    Shadow guy, who isn't ever named. He's been sent to retrieve the Longevity Dial, which Li Qian had used to save her grandmother's life. She's been wearing it as a pendant on her necklace and Shadow guy kills other female students while trying to find her. One of Shadow guy's weapons is a metal sharp-tipped glove. He's subdued by Chu Shuzhi's puppet strings and then Black Cloaked Envoy appears, freezes him in ice, and takes him back to Dixing.


    Shadow guy later returns in episode 32 (?).

    Featured Hallow

    Longevity Dial - Li Qian wears this around as a small pendant on a necklace. She says it's been a family heirloom and was given to her by her grandmother.

    Plot synopsis

    Professor Shen Wei gives a lecture on "Investigating the Mutation of Species From a Genetic Standpoint" at the University of Dragon City. [Professor Ouyang] tries to recruit him for his and Old Zhou's (Shen Wei's former mentor) lab, saying that they both received first-hand information that genetic mutations have already appeared in reality, but Shen Wei turns him down.

    A female student is mysteriously killed on the campus of the University of Dragon City and the case is given to the SID, who's just received a new recruit (Guo Changcheng). Zhao Yunlan, Da Qing (in cat form), and Guo Changcheng go to investigate the scene of the murder. While Guo Changcheng is hanging off the side of the building, Shen Wei comes across the group and clearly recognizes Zhao Yunlan. He introduces himself as a Professor on the campus and admits that the murdered girl was one of his students. Zhao Yunlan leaves a business card with him and tells him to call him if he has any other information.

    Later, Zhao Yunlan, Guo Changcheng and Da Qing (in human form) return to the campus to question Li Qian, who had found the victim. Da Qing is standing watch outside the door and Professor Shen Wei seems to recognize him when he comes to retrieve Li Qian for a class. Zhao Yunlan lets her go but tells Guo Changcheng to follow her because he doesn't trust her.

    When Guo Changcheng is following her, he loses track of her and Professor Shen Wei in a crowd but runs into Li Qian's grandmother wandering the street. He helps her back to her apartment, where they are attacked by the Shadow Man. Chu Shuzhi comes to the rescue, using his puppet to fight off the Shadow Man.


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