Guardian: II. NOVEL

Editor Discussion

Editing note: Not actually every chapter, because there's 100+, but maybe the four parts of the novel? They seem to be organized by which holy tool is being found. And then another part for the extras.

I'm wondering if the "novel" page should be only one page of general information, at the end of the list of Wiki Pages. My thinking is that the novel is its own complex world and may not readily interconnect with the descriptions and information in the rest of the wiki. -asya 2019-03-17

I agree, if we try to integrate everthing, it'll be a mess. I think we should keep everything concerning the novel in this tree (under II) and not reference it anywhere else. But how much detail we want to go into, I don't know. My idea would be to create four pages for the four Hallow arcs (or one page with four headings) and one page for the characters, with short character descriptions. - fgn 2019-03-17