Guardian: IV.A. Places

    This page contains spoilers up through episode 34


    Haixing is an ancient planet. Over 10,000 years ago, a spaceship landed on it. (01) Half of its passengers were Dixingian, the other half Yashou. (34)

    The Yashous' genes mixed with those of plants and animals and they evolved to possess the same characteristics as those plants and animals. They were also able to shift forms at will. (01)

    The Dixingians chose to stay underground, which is how they received their name. The underground climate caused them to experience a chemical reaction that led to genetic mutations. So while they looked like Haixingians, they developed powers that gave them various abilities such as controlling water, thunder and lightning, decomposing natural materials, and controlling human will. Their numbers were far less than those of Haixingians. (01)

    The three groups lived peacefully until a meteor crashed and destroyed the ecosystem of the planet. The resources of Dixing started to deplete, so the Dixing people started escaping above ground. Some of them started to invade Haixing and Yashou lands for resources and war broke out. (01)

    The allied forces of Haixing people, Yashou Tribe, and Dixing people won the war after the four Holy Tools, which were created with the powers from the meteorite, were activated. A peace treaty was signed in which the Dixingians agreed to return underground. The humans stayed and the Yashou tribes were led by Fu You to find a "faraway retreat filled with poetry and dreams." (01, 34)

    Dragon City

    Dragon City, 龙城, Lóng Chéng, is where the show takes place. It was built over the hollow in the ground that was created by the "aerolite" (?), so the connection between Haixing and Dixing is there. (34)

    It contains a university which is where Shen Wei has obtained his PhD and now teaches at. The SID[Special Investigations Department] is also located here, at No. 4 Bright Avenue. (01)


    Dixing is the "deep planet" of the planet Haixing. Light is an extremely scarce resource. Because of the lack of light, there is no concept of time for Dixingren, no day and night. (15)

    Dixing Palace

    Where the Regent of Dixing resides and the Justiciar can be found.

    The Pillar

    Where Ye Zun is imprisoned.


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