Guardian: IV.B. Artifacts


    This page contains spoilers up through episode 35

    Holy Tools AKA Hallows

    The hallows were created by Ma Gui and Fu You who were the Haixing and Yashou leaders of the allied forces who were at war with the extremist Dixingian Chieftain 10,000 years before the start of the show. They were made out of fragments of the meteor and meant to benefit all of Haixing; however, Mai Gui and Fu You said that even they can’t unleash the full power of the hallows. Da Qing had touched it accidentally and was affected by it somehow (one way is that he lives for 10,000 years) (34)

    In the course of the war, the holy tools were stolen by the Chieftain's rebels. Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan were able to retrieve them after they ambushed the rebels in a forest.

    There are four holy tools: the Longevity Dial, the Mountain-River Awl, the Merit Brush, and the Guardian Lantern. (35)


    When the holy tools are together, they can open up a wormhole that connects all space-time. Zhao Yunlan is sucked into one such wormhole in the present-day SID lab and is sent back 10,000 years to the war. (34) When the holy tools were brought together and activated in the past, another wormhole opened and he was sucked back into the wormhole where present-day Shen Wei had been waiting for him. Together, the two were able to look down into the clouds of the wormhole and watch events unfold before them, though Shen Wei tells Zhao Yunlan that it is dangerous to stay too long in the wormhole. (35)

    Longevity Dial

    The Longevity Dial was in the possession of Li Qian’s family, and was passed down to her from her grandmother. After her grandmother had a stroke, she used it to save her life in exchange for her own but mentally her grandmother was never the same. Her grandmother’s residual energy hid in the dial after she died and came out to save Li Qian when she was being attacked by the telekinetic Dixigian, which Black Cloaked Envoy said is unheard of, though he does not know all of the dial's powers. The dial starts off as a small pendant when Li Qian has it but it is noted to be growing in size by Lin Jing and Zhao Yunlan when it is in the SID's possession. (02)

    Mountain-River Awl

    In the novel translation, this hallow is called "The Pillar of Nature".

    The Mountain-River Awl was hidden in a mountain cave where Sang Zan was imprisoned.

    What does it do?

    Merit Brush

    What does it do?

    Guardian Lantern

    What does it do?

    The Ancient Secrets Record

    Zhu Hong reads from this for Zhao Yunlan while he is blind. (21 08:00~10:00)

    ZH: "There's a saying from when the heaven and earth began. People were displaced and the Black Cloaked Envoy was in power. He called for action..." (Zhao Yunlan and Da Qing interrupt.)
    ZYL: "What is she reading? Why was the Black Cloaked Envoy's history mentioned?"
    DQ: "'The Ancient Secrets Record'. Found it by your bedside drawer."
    ZYL: "Didn't you say before that the stories in this book have all actually happened?"
    DQ: "Strictly speaking, there are some discrepancies. It is about ten thousand years of history." (Da Qing tries to talk about his memories and is rebuffed.)
    ZH: "Four pillars guard the four cardinals. The North-West's sky inclined. Kun Lun wrote a memorial. The Stone that deteriorates before it grows old, the Water that freezes before it becomes cold, the Wood that rots before birth, the Gold that melts before it is heated: These are all unreachable things. And thus they become the Four Hallows. If the sky does not collapse, and the ground does not sink, then the four hallows veil. Thereupon peace befalls."
    ZYL: "You heard that, right?"
    DQ: "Four Hallows. The four hallows is essential for the peace of both ends."
    ZYL: "Not only so. The recording mentions Kun Lun who's on a par with the Black Cloaked Envoy and who has the power to seal all the four hallows. But the Black Cloaked Envoy has never mentioned this Kun Lun to me before."


    Shen Wei's Gonggong Blade

    Shen Wei's sword is a yu tou dao or 'fish head sword', a single-edged blade with a distinctive concave clip point. His glaive can be called the same since the blade is the same shape; it is a variant on a podao or zhan ma dao. (It is not a yan yue dao because it does not have a sharp protrusion on the back of the blade.)

    Other items

    Dijun Booklet

    All of the residents (their powers and background information) of Dixing are recorded in the Dijun Booklet. It's approved by the Lord of Dixing and kept by the Regent. In Episode 15, the Regent visits the SID to inform Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei that the booklet's been lost, possibly stolen by escaped prisoner Dingdun. However, Shen Wei says that Dingdun had been ambushed and killed in Dragon City and he was the one who brought the body back to Dixing. (15)

    Zhenhun Treaty

    Zhao Yunlan is referred to by the Regent/Justiciar as the Lord of the Zhenhun Treaty (Zhèn Hún Lìng, 镇 魂 令). Shen Wei says that he and the regent were specially pardoned by the treaty and are able to pass through the door between Dixing and Haixing freely. Shen Wei also says that his learning ability is constrained by the treaty. (The subtitle in ep 15 is possibly a mistranslation and refers to it as the "Guardian Token.") (15)


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