Guardian: IV.C. Groups

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    Peoples and Organizations of Haixing


    The abilities of Dixingren can activate early or late. Shen Wei tells Zhao Yunlan that a lot of the "ordinary" people walking around Dixing haven't had their powers activated yet. (15) According to the databases that SID has access to, there are 85 water-based abilities among Dixingren. (05) Every Dixingren (their power and background information) is recorded in the Dijun Booklet. (15)


    Yashou are one of the races that arrived on Haixing in a spaceship together with Dixingren. The Yashous' genes mixed with those of plants and animals and they evolved to possess the same characteristics as those plants and animals. They were also able to shift forms at will. (01)

    Special Investigations Department (SID)

    SID is short for Special Investigation Division and is a department of Dragon City police that deals with crimes committed by Dixingren.


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