Guardian: IV.D. Timeline

This page contains spoilers through the end of the series

Disclaimer: All the information here is based on the subtitles.

A chronological listing of events as they occured in the history of Haixing. Numbers listed when known

  • Over 10,000 years before the start of the show, a spaceship lands on Haixing; the aliens on board either intermingle with humans and create two new species (Yashou and Dixingren) in addition to humans (01) or the aliens already belonged to two different species and decide to live peacefully alongside humans (34)
  • A meteor hits Haixing and destroys the ecosystem of the planet, resulting in a depletion of resources in Dixing (34)
  • An extremist Dixing Chieftain forms a rebel force because of the lack of resources and starts a war trying to take over Haixing. (34)
  • The Yashou (under Fu You), Haixing people (under Ma Gui), and Dixing people form an allied coalition. They plan to recruit Kunlun, but he's killed by the rebels before they can. (34)
  • Fu You and Ma Gui create the holy tools out of fragments of the meteor (34)
  • The holy tools are stolen by the rebels (34)
  • Zhao Yunlan is dropped off by a wormhole and saves the Black Cloaked Envoy during a battle against the rebel forces. Zhao Yunlan is asked to assume the identity of Kunlun, as his death had been kept secret for the sake of morale. (34)
  • Ye Zun kills the rebel leader and takes over, the rebels declare outright war against the allied forces, Black Cloaked Envoy and Zhao Yunlan ambush the rebels in a forest and steal back the holy tools, and the holy tools are activated during a battle which results in Kunlan/Zhao Yunlan being pulled into a wormhole in the sky, Ye Zun getting trapped in a pillar, and Black Cloaked Envoy being buried underground. (35)
  • 10,000 years pass and Black Cloaked Envoy is found by a Dixing expedition, led by Dingdun, that was dispatched by the Justiciar to work with the Haixing SID to find out why Dixingren are escaping above ground and causing trouble (35)
  • The holy tools are lost (05)
  • Black Cloaked Envoy gets a new set of robes and a new mask, says farewell to Ye Zun in the pillar, and goes to the surface to live as Shen Wei (35)
  • Dixing sends an expedition to the surface to look for the holy tools. (05) The members of the expedition are nearly all killed except for Old Wu (who later becomes Huang Chaoyang's butler) and the leader.
  • SID leadership transfers from Zhao Xinci to his son, Zhao Yunlan
  • Shen Wei meets Zhao Yunlan on the campus of the University of Dragon City (01)
  • Black Cloaked Envoy shows up to help the SID for the first time since Zhao Yunlan's become Chief (01)
  • In his office, Shen Wei thinks to himself that he's been searching for Zhao Yunlan for 10,000 years. (02) He's looking at Zhao Yunlan's profile datasheet, which specifies that Zhao Yunlan is 28 years old.
    At least 20 years have passed since the expedition for the holy tools because it's been 20 years since Butler Wu saw his son, who was abandoned by Huang Chaoyang on a mountain (05)
  • The Dijun Booklet is lost (15)
  • Zhao Yunlan finds a book of Ancient Mysteries, which says that the war that led to the current peace treaty they're all living under occurred 10,000 years ago. (34) (There may be other mentions of this from other sources, but those references are pending.)

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