Wiki Guidelines

    We would like all pages to follow these guidelines.

    1. Please add References to every page and use the Link List.

    2. In page text, mark every character/object/place as a link, i.e. enclose it in square brackets, e.g. [Shen Wei].

      Exceptions can be made for quotes and titles, and when the same name appears repeatedly in quick succession.

    3. If no page exists for the thing you are trying to link, it will show up with square brackets in the text, e.g. the [Regent], without leading anywhere. This is okay. Maybe someone else will create a page for it and add the link at a later point.


    The last H1-Heading (starting with a single #) in every page must be a list of references from where the information in the page is taken.

    The References should be formatted like so, which will create an ordered list:

    1. Link 1
    1. Link 2
    -. Unordered sublist Link 1
    -. Unordered sublist Link 2
    1. Link 3

    Make sure to end every line with two spaces to force linebreaks in the list.
    Drama episodes count as valid reference sources, either our own wiki episode page or the youtube link.

    Link List

    Our complete Link List is contained at the bottom of this page. Please look at the page in edit mode to see them.

    If you add another link to any page that you think will occur more than once, please add it here to this Editing Guide page, too.

    Preferably create reference links instead of inline links. They look like this:

    [Displayed Name][Link Name from Link List]

    Please separate page-specific (non-recurring) links from the Link List, so the Link List will be easy to replace/copy-paste later if it becomes necessary.

    Link names are not case-sensitive.

    Syntax Help


    See the Markdown-Cheatsheet for general markdown formatting information.

    See the Hubzilla BBcode FAQ for Hubzilla-specific BBcode markup. Use markdown wherever possible (it's not possible for images and table of contents, see below).

    Anchors and Table of Contents

    If you want to link to an anchor inside a page instead of the top of the page, you have to add the Table of Contents to the page first:


    Add this to the top of the wiki page.

    Then, anchors are created for every Heading (levels 1,2,3) and you can use them. See our Link List for examples.

    Internal Links

    Links to pages within our own wiki can omit the server name - they start with "wiki/...", e.g.

    [Shen Wei]: wiki/guardian-fanworks/Guardian/III.A.(20)Shen(20)Wei


    You can upload images to our wiki on the Photos page:


    Each photo can then be used in the page, the URL of the full-size image looks similar to this:


    An image link looks like this:

    ![image](https://fandom.stopthatimp.net/photo/ABCDEABCDE-2.png "Title")

    Hubzilla creates several versions of the same image:

    1. Full size : https://fandom.stopthatimp.net/photo/ABCDEABCDE-0.png
    2. Width 1024: https://fandom.stopthatimp.net/photo/ABCDEABCDE-1.png
    3. Width 640 : https://fandom.stopthatimp.net/photo/ABCDEABCDE-2.png
    4. Width 320 : https://fandom.stopthatimp.net/photo/ABCDEABCDE-3.png

    Use the smallest one that you think works.